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What are the Best Advertisements for Real Estate Agents?


Whether you’re a new real estate agent looking to garner clients or an established agent hoping to maintain a strong presence in your community, besides networking and direct mail, advertising your services is key to success. The Internet and the resulting rise of digital marketing have transformed the advertising strategies of every industry, and real estate is no different. To make it as a real estate agent, you need digital advertisements to increase awareness about the services you provide. The question is, what’s the best digital marketing strategy for you?

According to a recent study by Pershing Advisor Solutions, average salaries at independent financial advisory firms are rising faster than average revenue. Here’s the scoop:


The research, sponsored by Pershing Advisor Solutions, found that average salaries for positions ranging from administrative assistant to chief executive are now increasing faster than firm revenue, a reality that is pinching firm owners.

“This is an industry with an oversupply of clients and an undersupply of people to provide advice,” said Mark Tibergien, chief executive of Pershing Advisor Solutions. “In any industry, that supply-demand scenario puts you in the catbird seat, but the problem in a personal service industry like financial planning is that an issue of capacity limits has been created.”

Essentially, advisers can only manage a certain number of relationships, and that means revenue growth is not increasing, he said.

Meanwhile, advisory firms are having to pay more to retain the best advisers and support staff.

Senior-level advisers saw the biggest spike in average salaries in 2017, with a gain of 23% from 2015. (The survey, which is fielded every two years, asks for current salary figures, whereas revenue reflects the previous year-end total: 2016 in this case. Revenue figures are gathered every year, as part of this survey and the complementary InvestmentNews Financial Performance Study.)

Support adviser and junior adviser salaries increased by an average of 13% and 14%, respectively, over the same period.

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With the rise of social media, the ubiquity of email communication, and the sheer amount of times people check their smartphones per hour (let alone per day), many companies simply assume that digital marketing will be more effective and less expensive than print marketing. While it’s certainly true that in such a technical age digital marketing must play a role in your marketing plan, don’t overlook more traditional marketing methods. Numerous studies show that print marketing has a longer lasting effect than digital marketing because it appeals to your tactile senses and lingers longer than, say, a photo quickly swiped through on Instagram.

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