Monthly Archives: December 2017


If you haven’t yet integrated a social media plan into your real estate business, it’s time. Social media is currently one of the best ways for even small firms and agencies to garner a name for themselves and keep a loyal, active customer base. If you’re not an expert, don’t worry. Integrating different social media platforms into a cohesive marketing strategy may seem intimidating, but you can quickly learn, and the payoffs are huge. For your business, they might even be crucial.

Is your email campaign ready to go to the next level? Most organizations begin by mastering the blast campaign, or the email that sends a one-time message to your clients in a single go. The blast is easy to write, quick to send out, and convenient to integrate into a communications strategy. But time is key to building relationships, and if you feel that your strategy is ready to move from information to relationship building, some of your most important messaging might best be communicated gradually.

This is where the drip campaign comes in. A drip campaign, also called targeted email marketing or a lead nurturing campaign, is a series of carefully tailored emails to clients which build on a message over time. And, there is an art to writing them. Because of the strategic and highly personalized nature of these emails, however, they can take more time than a general email blast. So plan to spend more time crafting your personalized emails.

So, when is a drip campaign advisable, and when will a simple blast do the job?