Monthly Archives: June 2018

To reach your audience, you need to be doing both on- and offline marketing. Before you scratch your head, wondering, “Weren’t marketing experts just telling me to go digital?” listen to this: when it comes to media, people want a digital-tangible blend. That’s become clear in marketing and business alike. Omnichannel strategies are effective because they harness this reality.

So how can your business reap the benefits of omnichannel marketing? And how does it work?

Though keychains and mugs haven’t gone anywhere, long gone are the days when your choices for promotional items were so limited. From flash drives to selfie sticks to bamboo cutting boards, thousands of useful, whimsical, creative, or strategic items can be customized to help get your business get known, and help it to grow.

But how does that work? First, we’ll walk through why promo items are still strong marketing tools. Then we’ll show you how Range, a Deluxe company, can help you use them.

In marketing, so many more choices and channels are available than there were twenty or even ten years ago—it’s almost mind-boggling. The temptation might be to stick to your corner and avoid innovation or cross-media marketing at the risk of confusion or weakening the impact of what you already know works.

We’ve all heard some variation on the proverb about the three cords that the sage winds together saying, “Three together are stronger than each apart.” This ancient and oft-used proverb rings true in many aspects of life, as well as business. A cross-media campaign is like that three-strand cord. Each strand has a relationship with the others, and while it takes some work to wind them together, the strength they add is more than the sum of their parts.

Sometimes brand is hard to describe—not because it’s vague, but because it is incredibly specific. Brand is what you do, and it’s how you talk about what you do. Brand is your voice, your “My Name Is” nametag, the boiled-down summary of your identity and the way you express it. Brand is what makes you you when you walk into a very crowded industry marketplace to make a mark.

But that might not help if you’re in the middle of trying to build a brand. If you really want to get to the heart of branding, think of it as storytelling. Let’s walk through the elements of a story to compare it to the building of a solid brand.