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Ever wondered if analytics are worth it?

The only way you can be sure of a worthy marketing investment is when it contributes more to the growth—and thus value—of your business than it removes from your budget. Some of these efforts are far easier to track than others. Campaigns that lead to direct sales and boost commitments can be quantified, and so you feel confident when preserving them as part of your marketing strategy.

Harder to justify are the more complex efforts that yield more indirect, but far-reaching, results. Analytics is one of these hard-to-quantify yet worthy investments.

What are demographic and psychographic profiles? And what can they do for your business?

If you don’t have a large budget to spend on marketing, you still have to compete for attention in a market with big business. But getting an audience’s attention is not only, or even primarily, about going big. It’s about strategy and matchmaking. You don’t need to get everyone. You need to find your customers.

Imagine hearing this from a new financial client:

“Make a long-term financial plan? No, it’s too much trouble. And confusing! And things are changing all the time in the market. Can’t you just invest in a few new places, freshen the portfolio up a bit, and we’ll call it even?”

This is not how any financial professional would wish a client to approach their finances. But this is how many in the financial sector approach marketing.

A long-term marketing strategy costs you time and resources. The field of marketing is always evolving, and it can feel confusing. However, like any other investment, you need your marketing investment to help you reach goals: revenue, new clients, longevity, and a unique voice in an increasingly vast consumer marketplace. Freshening up your brochures and your website, having a social media presence, staying active on LinkedIn—all of these are great moves, but in order for them to work, they have to be part of a strategy.

What does a marketing strategy bring to the table?

When it comes to promotional products, you’re dealing with professional adults. They may enjoy fun trinkets, but may not keep them around for long. And you need visual longevity to get the most out of your promotion. But summer is the ideal time for promotional products because you can blend fun with practical. Summer is the time to pull out the stops, while still providing high-quality products that are useful and show off your brand.