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Customers don’t just want what you offer. They want to believe in your business. They want to be brand ambassadors. This comes from a basic human desire to be connected to something bigger than ourselves and share that experience with others. One of the best things business leaders can do is use this to their advantage. \

What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a customer who shows a high level of loyalty to your brand. One of your best forms of advertising is to nurture brand ambassadors. With all our digital advances in the 21st century, personal relationships and word-of-mouth are still the indispensable cornerstones for business growth.

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Why Brand Authenticity Is So Important for Your Employees | Range, a Deluxe company

You know the old saying about leading a horse to water? Brand is similar. No matter how solid your brand, how promising or well-developed, it is not something that can be pushed on employees.

You can work for a brand you don’t love, but to put your heart into the endeavor, you need to be genuinely attracted to it. As some of your most powerful brand ambassadors, employees have to be sold on your brand, and that doesn’t come by tricks and gimmicks. It comes by forging a bond between your brand and your actual, live company culture.

A common misperception about marketing is that anyone can do it. All you need is a website, a few devices, and some creative minds, and surely you’ll be able to come up with a plan that works.

What many people find, however, is that once you’re deep into the marketing pool, it’s all too easy to flounder. In your own areas of expertise, you are skilled, sharp, and intuitive, but there’s not necessarily a direct translation into marketing, just as a professional basketball player is not necessarily a swimmer. The rules of marketing are specific, constantly in flux, and it’s difficult to know how to engage and connect a multitude of channels by making your best guess. In other words, swimming in these waters is about more than creative energy, instincts, and imitation. What you need is expertise.

You want to be the name that customers associate with a particular product or service. This phenomenon is known as brand recall. When a customer thinks of toothpaste and thinks “Colgate,” or when someone in a car accident remembers the number for a popular local attorney, that is brand recall at work. Companies want their brand to come to mind when customers are looking for a service or are ready to make a commitment.