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What’s the value behind an effective marketing strategy for real estate and business? What does it look like?


Every realtor and business owner is also a marketer. Whether or not you know how to tweet or how to design a business card, you’re always working hard to find your audience and match them with the right home or product. You’re a natural marketer because your investment in success is personal.


However, just because the desire is there doesn’t mean you know how best to direct your energy, time, and resources toward the result you need. An effective marketing strategy gives you a set of goals (sets your “destination”) and draws you a map for getting there.

If you’re an independent financial broker or agent, you know how important it is to find the right connections. Personal networks and word-of-mouth are effective, but to build that client base, it involves more than phone calls and business cards.

A website and an active, meaningful social media presence increase your ability to seek clients and build relationships by casting your net wider. Over time you may use digital tools for email campaigns, an e-store, reporting, direct marketing, and search engine optimization. These all come down to the same basic goal: targeting and gaining the attention of the right audience.

This doesn’t mean you neglect traditional marketing methods.

What is cross media? You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around this method of marketing for real estate, and for good reason.

Cross media creates and sustains multiple platforms for interaction. It is a combination of traditional and digital marketing methods, coordinated into a cohesive strategy. Print marketing, signage, and direct mail work together with social media, website, and all other digital design and content to attract prospects and increase commitment. It is an interlocking network of communication and influence.

How exactly does cross media translate into success for real estate? Let’s look at how it works.