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Not everyone is a writer. This may fly in the face of what your third-grade teacher or college English professor told you, but it’s true. Most people can write, but not everyone is a writer. And this should come as a relief. It might not be your job after all, to struggle through a company blog post or spend hours trying to construct effective and relevant tweets. You have other things to do, like lead your business. And when it comes to the reputation of your business, and the massive part copy plays in your marketing strategy, you’ll want to remember that.
Do you have a blog for your business? No matter your industry, you have noticed other companies offer blogs connected to their websites, but perhaps you’ve wondered why and are hesitant to launch one of your own. If you already have a website and a social media presence, what difference does a blog make? Is it simply redundant to your other online efforts? What value does it add to your business?