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Customers don’t just want what you offer. They want to believe in your business. They want to be brand ambassadors. This comes from a basic human desire to be connected to something bigger than ourselves and share that experience with others. One of the best things business leaders can do is use this to their advantage. \

What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a customer who shows a high level of loyalty to your brand. One of your best forms of advertising is to nurture brand ambassadors. With all our digital advances in the 21st century, personal relationships and word-of-mouth are still the indispensable cornerstones for business growth.

You want to be the name that customers associate with a particular product or service. This phenomenon is known as brand recall. When a customer thinks of toothpaste and thinks “Colgate,” or when someone in a car accident remembers the number for a popular local attorney, that is brand recall at work. Companies want their brand to come to mind when customers are looking for a service or are ready to make a commitment.
Though keychains and mugs haven’t gone anywhere, long gone are the days when your choices for promotional items were so limited. From flash drives to selfie sticks to bamboo cutting boards, thousands of useful, whimsical, creative, or strategic items can be customized to help get your business get known, and help it to grow.

But how does that work? First, we’ll walk through why promo items are still strong marketing tools. Then we’ll show you how Range, a Deluxe company, can help you use them.

Sometimes brand is hard to describe—not because it’s vague, but because it is incredibly specific. Brand is what you do, and it’s how you talk about what you do. Brand is your voice, your “My Name Is” nametag, the boiled-down summary of your identity and the way you express it. Brand is what makes you you when you walk into a very crowded industry marketplace to make a mark.

But that might not help if you’re in the middle of trying to build a brand. If you really want to get to the heart of branding, think of it as storytelling. Let’s walk through the elements of a story to compare it to the building of a solid brand.

While it’s only October, we all know how quickly the holiday season can catch up to us. Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here and Christmas will be just around the corner. Stay ahead of the holiday crunch this year by beginning your marketing plan today. One great place to start? By designing a simple but effective holiday greeting card.