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With so many marketing advisors pointing companies toward the benefits of direct mail campaigns, you want to stay on top and not neglect combining your traditional, paper-based marketing methods with your digital efforts. But at the end of the day, you invest a lot in your marketing campaigns, and you need to see results and a satisfying ROI (Return on Investment). Is your direct mail strategy currently working for you, and how can you measure its success?
With the rise of social media, the ubiquity of email communication, and the sheer amount of times people check their smartphones per hour (let alone per day), many companies simply assume that digital marketing will be more effective and less expensive than print marketing. While it’s certainly true that in such a technical age digital marketing must play a role in your marketing plan, don’t overlook more traditional marketing methods. Numerous studies show that print marketing has a longer lasting effect than digital marketing because it appeals to your tactile senses and lingers longer than, say, a photo quickly swiped through on Instagram.

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

While it’s only October, we all know how quickly the holiday season can catch up to us. Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here and Christmas will be just around the corner. Stay ahead of the holiday crunch this year by beginning your marketing plan today. One great place to start? By designing a simple but effective holiday greeting card.