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What is cross media? You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around this method of marketing for real estate, and for good reason.

Cross media creates and sustains multiple platforms for interaction. It is a combination of traditional and digital marketing methods, coordinated into a cohesive strategy. Print marketing, signage, and direct mail work together with social media, website, and all other digital design and content to attract prospects and increase commitment. It is an interlocking network of communication and influence.

How exactly does cross media translate into success for real estate? Let’s look at how it works.


If you haven’t yet integrated a social media plan into your real estate business, it’s time. Social media is currently one of the best ways for even small firms and agencies to garner a name for themselves and keep a loyal, active customer base. If you’re not an expert, don’t worry. Integrating different social media platforms into a cohesive marketing strategy may seem intimidating, but you can quickly learn, and the payoffs are huge. For your business, they might even be crucial.

What are the Best Advertisements for Real Estate Agents?


Whether you’re a new real estate agent looking to garner clients or an established agent hoping to maintain a strong presence in your community, besides networking and direct mail, advertising your services is key to success. The Internet and the resulting rise of digital marketing have transformed the advertising strategies of every industry, and real estate is no different. To make it as a real estate agent, you need digital advertisements to increase awareness about the services you provide. The question is, what’s the best digital marketing strategy for you?