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If you’re in the financial industry, what can social media do for you? Many brokers and advisors may be hesitant about investing in social media due to the age of their clients, the learning curve, concern about compliance, or doubt about a real return on investment. But social media engagement has proven to make a difference. It has become a vital place where your clients gather information for business and make decisions about relationships. 68 percent of U.S. adults reported in 2018, for example, that they use Facebook and three-fourths of those that they engage it daily. Though it is undeniably the youngest segment of adults who are most active across social media, even baby boomers are on Instagram and other platforms like never before.

So what does that look like regarding running a financial operation? What can social media do for you? Though social media rarely translates into direct sales, when used strategically, it can gain you valuable clients and referrals. How does it do this?

Building a social media strategy for business can feel like piloting a spacecraft. You’ve got places to go, high hopes and ambitions, but when and how do you know you’re getting there? The universe is disorienting. Social media is an ever-expanding, constantly evolving tool. How do you track your progress as you keep moving and avoid running into a black hole (financially speaking)?


If you’ve seen any science fiction, you know that you need a reliable navigation panel. Social media may be the new marketing frontier, and to succeed you may need to boldly try what you’ve never tried before, but that doesn’t mean you fly blind and hope for the best. Measuring the ROI of your social media investments is possible. Here’s how you can make sure you’re on the right track.

For real estate brokers, social media is key to surviving and thriving in the marketplace. And fortunately, it’s an easy and often exciting world to enter. With a few clicks, you’re up and running, eager to connect with people, and ready to drive up sales.

But where do you go from there? Once you have your accounts open and your handles in place, it’s not easy to know how to use social media to your full advantage. Social media strategy for real estate will always be evolving as social media evolves, but there are a few underlying principles that can help you become an expert now. Understand some of the building blocks of how social media works in the context of real estate, and you’ll be ready for the future when it comes.