No marketing tool is magic but, for you, automated drip marketing might have the potential to come close. The backbone to any marketing strategy with long-term effectiveness consists in connecting what you uniquely offer to the specific needs of your target constituencies. And drip marketing—also called automated marketing and lead nurturing campaigns—allows you to apply effectively a very high level of customization and outreach to emails. And, this precision has been shown to generate a click rate of over two times higher than generalized blast emails. This is because, from the timing to the subject line to the call to action, clients see their particular interests being addressed—even anticipated—by you.

How Drip Email Automation Campaigns Work?

Automated marketing begins with a strategic map of interactions different kinds of clients and potential clients may have with you, and which level of relationship or action step you want to lead them to. Various email campaigns with different messaging and calls to action are built so that whenever or wherever a client enters a relationship with you, they begin receiving a series of drip marketing campaigns customized for them.

Drip campaigns are called “drip” and not “deluge” for a reason. They work by sending these narrowly targeted emails in small but steady doses. The emails quickly pique interest, alert, offer, connect, or ask for feedback, but are not supposed to overwhelm inboxes or come on too strong. They check in with interested parties over time, and apply appropriate information, energy, and tone at every stage, from free trial to onboarding to upselling to long-term client care. Unlike blast campaigns, which should be used only to broadly and generally convey information, drip campaigns nurture relationships.

How They Work for You

The potential of drip marketing, and the ability to experiment with what works, is almost endless. Here are some specific ways drip campaigns turn your messaging into high-touch customer nurture.

Making the most of your analytics

If you’ve ever done online dating, you already know how this works. One person messages you with “Hi there. Want to chat?” while another person says, “I see you love coffee, too. Care to debate about who makes the best cappuccino in town?” The latter message proves someone has read your profile, while the former just proves someone can type.

The most impressive messages you can send, in online dating as well as marketing, are those that refer to and then riff on a very specific detail already shared by the person you’d like to woo. Clients and potential clients are communicating with you all the time, through information profiles, surveys, shopping carts, where and when they click, etc.–and all this comprises your raw analytical data. Messaging that draws most deeply from your analytics shows that you are paying attention, not simply trying to make a sale, and that you care enough to do the extra work to truly connect. Of course, your likelihood of making a sale also rises.

Applying segmentation

Automated drip email develops your communications strategy further, and reduces excess communications, by segmenting your clientele based on these analytics. You can market with laser precision by developing different kinds of campaigns for groups separated by location (city, region, neighborhood), click history and opt-in habits, abandoned and active shopping carts, how long it’s been since you’ve heard from them, key information from client’s website or LinkedIn profile, level of previous engagement with your company, etc. The options here are almost limitless.

No more ghosting

Let’s return to our metaphor. In online dating, you’ve been “ghosted” if you message someone and, after a few interactions, they suddenly fail to message you in return and just seem to vanish.

Drip campaigns are based on segmentation, but they are also based on desired action steps related to different levels of relationship with a client. To pique interest at the right moments and supply the right action steps reduces your risk of ghosting. And if a client does ghost, automated drip marketing can include campaigns that check in with clients you have not heard from in some time, asking for feedback, offering help, suggesting a new item similar to an item in an abandoned shopping cart, offering a discount for renewal of service, etc.

Nurturing at every level

All of this works together creating a pathway to long-term relationship. At the expressed interest/onboarding level, you’re proving your relevance and anticipating need. At first purchase you’re following up with continued attentiveness, personal gestures, and a bridge to a next step, immediately sealing the relationship. Moving forward, drip marketing provides the art of the careful upsell. Your first concern always pursues an actual need; meeting sales goals comes as a result of that. Regular clients are rewarded with sustained outreach, encouragement, positive feedback, and even friendly interactions that don’t directly relate to a purchase (Happy Birthday or holiday ecard, request for feedback/how to improve, for example). Scale, tone, and level of personalization vary at each stage, too, for whatever level of detail and flexibility you desire.

At every step in a relationship, however, a potential client or client shows interest, you have anticipated them, are listening to their communication, and are leading them to a strategic next step with drip marketing.

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